How do I start reading comic books? 2024

Starting to read comic books can be an exciting and enjoyable experience, but it can also seem overwhelming due to the vast array of characters, series, and long-running storylines. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Identify Your Interests: Think about the genres or types of stories you enjoy in other media. Comics cover a wide range, from superheroes to science fiction, fantasy, horror, romance, and more. Knowing your preferences can help you choose comics that you’ll enjoy.
  2. Research Popular Titles: Look for lists of recommended comics, especially those targeted at beginners. These can often be found on comic book websites, forums, and in comic book stores. Popular titles with wide appeal can be a great starting point.
  3. Start with Standalone Stories or Graphic Novels: Some graphic novels and series are self-contained and don’t require knowledge of the broader comic book universe. Examples include “Watchmen”, “V for Vendetta”, “The Sandman”, and “Maus”. These can be great for newcomers as they provide a complete story in one or a few volumes.
  4. Explore Different Publishers: While Marvel and DC are the most well-known publishers with their iconic superheroes like Batman, Spider-Man, and Wonder Woman, there are many other publishers such as Image, Dark Horse, IDW, and Boom! Studios that offer a variety of different styles and stories.
  5. Try Current Runs or Reboots: Comic publishers often reboot series or start new runs with new creative teams, making them accessible points for new readers. Look for Issue #1s or new story arcs as entry points.
  6. Use Digital Platforms: Digital platforms like ComiXology, Marvel Unlimited, and DC Universe Infinite offer vast libraries of comics. They often have curated lists for new readers and you can sample a wide range of titles easily.
  7. Don’t Worry About Knowing Everything: Long-running series often have complex histories, but it’s not necessary to know every detail. Most comics are written to be relatively accessible to new readers. Over time, you’ll pick up on the history and context.
  8. Join Comic Book Communities: Online forums, social media groups, and local comic book stores often have communities of comic book fans. These can be great resources for recommendations and guidance, and a way to share your experiences with others.
  9. Attend Comic Conventions: Conventions are a great way to immerse yourself in the world of comics. They offer panels, meet-and-greets with creators, and a chance to discover a wide array of comics.
  10. Enjoy the Journey: Remember, reading comics is about enjoyment. Don’t feel pressured to read everything or follow certain rules. Explore at your own pace and enjoy the diverse stories and art that comics offer.

Starting with a mix of popular titles and exploring genres you enjoy will lead you to discover the vast and vibrant world of comic books.

Here’s a FAQ section tailored for new comic book readers, including current examples as of early 2024:

Frequently Asked Questions for New Comic Book Readers

Q: What are some current popular superhero comics for beginners?

  • A: As of 2024, titles like “Spider-Man” by Marvel and “Batman” by DC often have new story arcs that are great for new readers. Additionally, look for recent reboots or new series like “Ms. Marvel” or “The Flash”, which often start with accessible storylines.

Q: Are there any good non-superhero comics for beginners?

  • A: Absolutely! Consider “Saga” by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples, a space opera/fantasy series. “Monstress” by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda is an excellent dark fantasy. For something more grounded, “Lumberjanes” or “Giant Days” offer great slice-of-life stories.

Q: I like sci-fi. What comic books should I start with?

  • A: For sci-fi fans, “Descender” by Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen is a great choice, as is “Black Science” by Rick Remender. Both offer unique sci-fi worlds and are self-contained stories.

Q: How do I keep track of ongoing comic book series?

  • A: Many readers use apps like ComiXology or subscribe to series directly from publishers. Local comic book stores also offer pull-list services, where they set aside new issues for regular customers.

Q: What if I want to read the whole backstory of a character like Superman or Iron Man?

  • A: For characters with long histories, consider reading famous story arcs or origin stories first. For Superman, “All-Star Superman” by Grant Morrison, and for Iron Man, “Iron Man: Extremis” by Warren Ellis. Additionally, many publishers have compiled histories or essential reading lists for their major characters.

Q: Are there comics suitable for younger readers?

  • A: Yes, many! Marvel and DC both have lines specifically for younger audiences, like “DC Super Hero Girls” and “Spidey and His Amazing Friends”. Independent publishers also offer a wide range of kid-friendly titles.

Q: Do I need to read comic books in a specific order?

  • A: Generally, no. While some story arcs span multiple issues, most comics are designed to be relatively accessible to new readers. It’s often okay to start with any story that interests you and backtrack if you want more context.

Q: Can I find comic books at my local library?

  • A: Many libraries have extensive comic book and graphic novel collections. It’s a great, cost-effective way to explore different titles and genres.

Q: How can I support my favorite comic book creators?

  • A: Purchasing comics directly, attending signings or conventions, and following their work on social media are great ways to support creators. Many also have Patreon accounts or similar platforms for direct support.

Q: Are there any good online resources for comic book news and reviews?

  • A: Websites like Comic Book Resources (CBR), Bleeding Cool, and The Beat offer news, reviews, and guides. Podcasts and YouTube channels dedicated to comics are also valuable resources.

Remember, the world of comic books is diverse and expansive. There’s something for everyone, and discovering what you enjoy most is part of the fun!

Embarking on your comic book journey is an adventure filled with endless possibilities and stories. Whether you’re diving into the epic sagas of superheroes, exploring rich fantasy worlds, or uncovering hidden gems in indie comics, each page brings a new discovery. Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to enjoy comics; it’s all about finding what resonates with you.

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