Fantastic Four – The Birth of Marvel’s First Family

fantastic four marvel's first familyFantastic Four! In the early 1960s, Marvel Comics created a game-changing superhero team. This team forever altered comic books. Known as the First Family, they debuted in Fantastic Four #1.

The Fantastic Four quickly became iconic. They fascinated readers with their powers and adventures. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby started this series. They began Marvel’s Silver Age, a creative period in comic books. From the first issue, the Fantastic Four’s mix of space exploration, science, and family drama captivated readers.

They journeyed through 102 issues, facing cosmic threats and exploring the Negative Zone. The team battled Doctor Doom and met Black Panther. Their stories and personalities made them popular with fans of all ages.

Marvel’s storytelling and artistry shine in the Fantastic Four series. Jack Kirby’s art brought the characters to life. Stan Lee’s writing added depth and humor.

If you love superheroes and comics, the Fantastic Four is a must-read. It marked the beginning of Marvel’s First Family and is a classic. The team inspired many others and left a mark on the industry.

Next, we’ll look at collecting Fantastic Four comics. We’ll explore different formats and editions showcasing Marvel’s iconic heroes.

Collecting Fantastic Four: The Definitive Guide

If you love the Fantastic Four and want to collect their comics, this guide is for you. It covers their story from the first issue to the 102nd. Marvel’s first family has been popular for years. The guide also explains the best ways to collect their stories, like omnibuses, masterworks, epic collections, and essentials.

Collectors have many options to choose from. Each format offers a unique take on the adventures of Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and The Thing.

The Marvel Omnibus Experience

Marvel Omnibus editions are a great way to collect Fantastic Four. These big hardcovers include multiple storylines, showcasing the team’s art and stories.

Notable Fantastic Four omnibuses include:

Omnibus Title Contents
Kirby is… Fantastic! King-Sized Hardcover Collects the groundbreaking works of writer/artist Jack Kirby.
Fantastic Four: Behold… Galactus! Includes the epic Galactus trilogy and other classic stories.
Lee & Kirby Omnibus Comprises the seminal collaborations of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.
John Byrne Omnibus Collects the acclaimed run by writer/artist John Byrne.


These omnibuses not only provide a convenient way to collect and read the Fantastic Four’s earliest adventures but also serve as treasured collector’s items due to their exquisite design and premium quality.


Marvel Masterworks and Epic Collections

For collectors looking for a more affordable option, Marvel Masterworks and Epic Collections offer fantastic alternatives. Marvel Masterworks are meticulously crafted hardcovers or paperbacks that faithfully reproduce the original issues in full color, making them a perfect choice for readers who desire an authentic experience.

Epic Collections, on the other hand, are trade paperback editions that collect essential story arcs and significant runs. They represent an excellent entry point for new readers or those seeking specific chapters of the Fantastic Four’s history.

Whether you choose the grandeur of omnibuses or the affordability of Masterworks and Epic Collections, these formats ensure that you can enjoy the complete Fantastic Four experience.

Reading Order and Key Issues

To guide you in your collection journey, it’s essential to have a chronological reading order and identify key issues and runs. The Fantastic Four’s rich history involves remarkable stories from different creative teams. By following a recommended reading order, you can fully immerse yourself in their captivating world and witness the evolution of these beloved characters.

Here is a suggested reading order and a selection of key issues:

  1. Fantastic Four #1 – The birth of Marvel’s First Family.
  2. Fantastic Four #48-50 – The Galactus Trilogy, a cosmic epic.
  3. Fantastic Four #52 – The first appearance of the groundbreaking character, Black Panther.
  4. Continue with subsequent issues to explore the ever-expanding Fantastic Four mythos.

These key issues and runs offer a glimpse into the Fantastic Four’s most significant moments, showcasing their impact on the Marvel Universe.

Now armed with this definitive guide, you can confidently embark on your journey of collecting Fantastic Four comics. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer to the Marvel Universe, the Fantastic Four’s adventures await you in a variety of amazing formats. Start your collection today and join the ranks of those who embrace the incredible legacy of the first family of Marvel!

Fantastic Four Omnibuses and Oversized Hardcovers

True Fantastic Four fans should aim for the collector’s editions. These editions showcase the team’s key adventures. Marvel’s offerings are fantastic. For instance, the “Kirby is… Fantastic!” King-Sized Hardcover is a tribute to Jack Kirby. It includes vital issues and iconic artwork that made the team famous.

The “Behold… Galactus!” omnibus is crucial. It covers the Galactus saga, from issues #48-50. It shows the epic battle against the world-eater.

The Lee & Kirby Omnibus and John Byrne Omnibus editions are ideal for those wanting the full series. They cover Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and John Byrne’s contributions. These omnibuses offer a journey through the Fantastic Four’s evolution.

Fantastic Four Omnibuses and Oversized Hardcovers

Edition Format Highlights
Kirby is… Fantastic! King-Sized Hardcover Oversized Hardcover Tribute to Jack Kirby’s contributions
Fantastic Four: Behold… Galactus! Omnibus Omnibus Collects the Galactus saga
Lee & Kirby Omnibus Omnibus Showcases the Lee & Kirby run
John Byrne Omnibus Omnibus Includes John Byrne’s acclaimed run

These editions offer a comprehensive reading experience, allowing fans to enjoy the complete journey of the Fantastic Four. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer to the series, these collector’s editions provide an immersive escape into the rich world of the Marvel Universe. Experience the magic of the Fantastic Four’s groundbreaking stories and extraordinary adventures with these fantastic omnibuses and oversized hardcovers.

Marvel Masterworks and Trade Paperbacks

Marvel Masterworks editions are a must-have for any fan of the Fantastic Four. These high-quality, full-color reproductions of the original issues provide a unique opportunity to experience the iconic stories and artwork of Marvel’s First Family. Marvel Masterworks collects specific runs of Fantastic Four, including issues by legendary creators like Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, as well as other talented creative teams.

For those who prefer a more affordable and accessible option, trade paperbacks are a fantastic choice. These collections offer gapless reading experiences, where you can dive into the thrilling adventures of the Fantastic Four without missing a beat. Trade paperbacks are formatted in a convenient and portable size, making them perfect for reading on the go.

Marvel Masterworks

Marvel Masterworks editions are available in both hardcover and paperback formats. These meticulously crafted collections showcase the rich history of the Fantastic Four, spanning from their early adventures in the 1960s to the groundbreaking storylines of the 70s. Each volume features carefully restored artwork and includes bonus content such as behind-the-scenes commentary, original covers, and rare sketches.

Marvel Masterworks offer a comprehensive reading experience, allowing fans to delve into the world of the Fantastic Four from the very beginning. Whether you’re new to the series or a longtime fan, these editions provide a timeless and immersive journey through Marvel’s First Family.

Trade Paperbacks

Trade paperbacks provide a convenient way to enjoy the Fantastic Four’s adventures in a more affordable format. These collections compile multiple issues into a single volume, offering a seamless reading experience with no interruptions. Trade paperbacks are an excellent option for readers who want to immerse themselves in the ongoing stories and character development of the Fantastic Four.

With trade paperbacks, you can follow the Fantastic Four’s epic battles against iconic villains, explore their ever-evolving relationships, and witness their growth as superheroes. Whether you’re looking to catch up on classic storylines or discover new arcs, trade paperbacks provide a comprehensive and accessible way to experience the Marvel magic of the Fantastic Four.

Marvel Masterworks Trade Paperbacks
Collects specific runs of the Fantastic Four Compiles multiple issues into a single volume
Available in high-quality hardcover and paperback formats Convenient and affordable format
Features restored artwork and bonus content Seamless reading experience with no interruptions
Perfect for fans who want a comprehensive reading experience An accessible way to explore ongoing storylines

The Market for Fantastic Four Comics

The market for Fantastic Four comics has experienced significant growth and fluctuation in recent years. As a collector, it’s important to understand the key issues and first appearances that hold great value in the comic book market.

Some of the most sought-after Fantastic Four issues include:

  • Fantastic Four #1: The debut of Marvel’s First Family, marking the beginning of an iconic series.
  • Fantastic Four #48-50: Known as the Galactus trilogy, these issues feature an epic battle with the world-devouring entity.
  • Fantastic Four #52: The first appearance of Black Panther, a key character in the Marvel Universe.

These key issues command high prices due to their significance and rarity, making them prized possessions for collectors.


The Fantastic Four comic book series holds a special place in the Marvel superhero universe. Since their groundbreaking debut, the Fantastic Four have captivated fans and collectors alike with their thrilling adventures and incredible characters. As the First Family of Marvel, their legacy continues to shine brightly.

From Fantastic Four #1 to issue #102, this iconic comic book series showcases the evolution of Marvel’s first superhero team. The fantastic stories and creative talents behind the series have left an indelible mark on the comic book industry. Whether it’s the brilliance of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby or the contributions of subsequent creative teams, each issue is a testament to their enduring legacy.

Today, fans and collectors eagerly seek out the Fantastic Four’s comic books and immerse themselves in the extraordinary world of Marvel’s First Family. The series has become a cultural phenomenon, beloved by generations of readers. The characters, such as Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), Susan Storm (Invisible Woman), Johnny Storm (Human Torch), and Ben Grimm (The Thing), have become iconic symbols of heroism and family bonds.

As the Fantastic Four adventure through alternate dimensions, face cosmic threats, and explore the depths of the unknown, their comic book series continues to inspire and entertain. Marvel Comics has crafted a truly remarkable superhero team with the Fantastic Four, and their influence reverberates throughout the entire Marvel Universe. Join the countless fans who celebrate the fantastic stories and characters that have made the Fantastic Four an integral part of comic book history.

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